Take the guesswork out of implementing YOUR seo

Digitally savvy and want to update your SEO yourself? OR you have a team ready and willing to implement for you...but need to know EXACTLY what to do to help get your website to the front page?


I’ll do a complete audit of your website and give you detailed, specific action steps to help get you to the top of the search engines. You also get 2 follow-up calls to ensure your team is staying on the right track and all their questions are getting the answers they need!

SEO AUDIT & Strategy

SEO Audit & JUMPSTART package

Get a complete handcrafted & personalized SEO audit of your website.

You will receive:


  • full breakdown of what is great with your website in regards to SEO and what needs help

  • Specific action items that need to be taken to get your website fully optimized.

  • A 2-hour Zoom conference for an audit walkthrough and the training needed to implement the needed optimizations.

  • A 1-hour conference within the first 4 months of start to answer any pending questions you or your team have.

The audit covers everything from the SEO compliance of structure and build of your website right down to your individual pages, copy, and what you should title your images.



  1. Businesses that have a team ready to implement your personalized SEO tactics

  2. Entrepreneurs looking to DIY their SEO but don't know where to start or haven't seen success in their own efforts.

Investment: $3,500

You are a badass entrepreneur who puts their heart and soul into your business...and now we need to get your services seen by the people who want and need it the most!

Let me help you take your website to the top because let's face it...

a pretty website doesn't mean anything if nobody can find it!

“I booked an SEO audit with Caitlin, implemented the changes and BOOM, less than 4 days later I was showing up on page #1 [of Google]. Caitlin shares her knowledge and best tips generously and I can’t thank her enough!"


—  Caroline Frenette, Business Coach

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