Your services are being searched for everyday by potential clients...

I’m here to make sure those clients who are READY TO BUY, find YOU THROUGH MY SEO & DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES

The good news?  You don’t have to be a giant corporation to get to the top of the search results but being at the top will help you become an industry leader!


The bad news? You don’t have the time (or know how) to implement the SEO and marketing strategies you need to get you there.


But no worries! This SEO pro has got you covered with coaching and done-for-you digital marketing services that put your business on top! (Say hello to incredible business growth, bigger profits, and that dream vacation you’ve been dying to go on!)

Work With Me!

As a digital strategist and SEO pro with over 12 years of experience, I have seen what works and I know what can take your website and business to the next level!

PLUS 10% of all our profits go straight to Phoenix Children's Hospital!

My SEO and Digital Marketing services include:


Want your website ranked at the top of Google, but don’t want to tackle SEO yourself? I’ll do it all for you, taking the reins on everything in regards to your SEO (including researching keywords, updating your copy, and formatting your website, just to name a few).


Wanna learn how to scale your business in your specific industry? Get a customized marketing plan that includes everything from email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, blogging, a 12-month marketing calendar, and more!

SEO AUDIT & Strategy Package

Digitally savvy and want to update your SEO yourself, but need to know EXACTLY what to do to help you get to the front page? I’ll do a complete audit of your website and give you detailed, specific action steps to get you to the top of the search engines.

SEO CourseS

Make your website a profit-driving powerhouse without hiring out! Become a SEO pro yourself by taking one of my courses, and learn how to get to the top yourself. Courses include vital information of the basics & beyond and break it all down in an EASY TO UNDERSTAND way!

“I booked an SEO audit with Caitlin, implemented the changes and BOOM, less than 4 days later I was showing up on page #1 [of Google]. Caitlin shares her knowledge and best tips generously and I can’t thank her enough! Needless to say, I highly recommend her and have added Caitlin to my team of trustworthy allies.”




Book a discovery call, chat with a new friend (me!), and walk away with a few free SEO strategies.


I’ll send over a personalized quote based on your business’s needs.


Get more people clicking on your website, more customers, and more money!

SEO Faq's

Why invest in SEO services?

  • SEO drives more qualified leads (AKA actual humans that are ready to buy your services) to your website,

  • It enhances your credibility (the higher you rank on Google, the more trustworthy you seem to potential clients),

  • And, it has high conversion rates (meaning more people signing up for your email list, more people inquiring to work with you, and more money in the bank)!

Can you guarantee a #1 rank on Google?

How long does it take to start seeing improvements with SEO?

Rank depends on over 200 factors, and while I do everything in my power to get you to the top spot, I can’t guarantee it because at the end of the day it’s Google’s final decision! Luckily, I have a 100% success rate in getting my clients to the first page on Google! P.S. Be VERY weary of any SEO professional or agency that guarantees top placements - this is a big industry red flag!

That totally depends on how long your website has been live and how well it has been taken care of in regards to SEO. I’ve had a client get to the top page in less than 4 days, and other clients get to the top in 3-4 months. Patience is key, and once your website gets to the top, you will start seeing a snowball effect of continuous leads coming in on autopilot!

Freebie Alert!


Want me to help you with SEO for FREE?

including 30 things you can do TODAY to increase your website’s ranking!

why seo instead of google ads?

Google ads and SEO are both great and both serve different purposes. Although they ARE both trying to reach consumers specifically searching in Google, Google ads (aka pay-per-click) is paid media and SEO is organic (free to click!). With Google Ads, you get results immediately but you PAY for it, and once you stop paying, your traffic goes away completely. Depending on the industry, it's also typically much more competitive than SEO.  SEO takes more time to get to the top but once you get there, website traffic starts to snowball and the traffic stays even if you aren't making SEO optimizations all the time. And best of all it drives traffic for FREE!

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