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Wow Eyes Facebook  Application & Times Square  Activation 

A Facebook app in which people can upload photos of their own made-up eyes. Their photo will then be displayed on a giant billboard in Times Square, within minutes of uploading, for 15 seconds. Each participant gets a photo of their eye on the billboard, which they can then share with social media friends.




Wired NFC-enabled Print Ad

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Lexus GS Gaming Apps - Tori 500 & Supermodeled

Tori 500 is a racing app that allows consumers to race their chosen car around the curves of swimsuit model Tori Praver lying in the middle of a racing track. Users can then share their high scores via social channels and email.

Supermodeled allows consumers to insert images of Tori Praver into their own pictures on their cell phones. They can then share the images through social channels. 





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