Naming Page URLs For SEO

May 7, 2018

Name your website URLs for SEO & drive more traffic to your website!


Did you know that you can update your website URL slugs, and that you should?


What are URL slugs you ask?


They are the end part of a URL that comes after the domain extension & is unique to the specific page it points to.  It’s the bold part of the following URL (


You should be naming these after your keywords while still staying specific to your page.  Just don’t go crazy with super long url slugs!


There is an option to update your URL slugs in your page settings, usually under naming or SEO.


Here are some examples of good URL Slugs for a SEO Specialist’s website:


About Me Page = /phoenix-seo-specialist-about

Contact Page = /phoenix-seo-specialist-contact


Want some examples of effective keywords? Check out my previous SEO keyword blog post.




If your URLs are already live and you decide to rename them you MUST setup 301 redirects.  This is important because there could be other websites out there that are linking to these pages, and these links are important for SEO rank. You don’t want to jeopardize your rank!




Setting up a 301 direct is easy peasy, but the steps are different for every hosting site.


Wordpress:  Download a 301redirect plugin. I would recommend the Yoast SEO Premium plugin, or Redirection.


Wix: Instructions can be found here.


SquareSpace: Instructions can be found here.



Have questions on this? Shoot me an email, or comment below!


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