How I Got to the Top of Google in 15 Minutes - The Buzz Builder Technique

November 3, 2019

My Fast SEO Trick



I've had a theory that I've wanted to test out for a while now, and I finally got the opportunity this week!


I tested it out, and guess what? IT WORKED... in 15 minutes! And now I can't wait to share my fast SEO tip with you.  Wanna know my speedy trick?



It's my method called the BUZZ BUILDER TECHNIQUE!


...Essentially you capitalize on brand new and current buzz!!


Keep reading to find out exactly what I did...




How I Got My Website to the Top of 15 minutes!


You may have seen my post from earlier this week about University of Arizona changing their nickname from UA to UArizona for SEO...well, you better believe it was the talk of the town. News channels kept talking about it for a few days, and Arizona fans were talking about it even longer!


Well I took advantage of that and created a blog post on my website all around this idea of Arizona changing their name for SEO.



Here are the exact BUZZ BUILDER TECHNIQUE steps I took to get to the top quickly:



1. Did a quick manual Google search on the topic


I knew that research tools weren't going to pick up on the keyword data since the topic JUST came out, so I searched in Google myself to see what other pages were popping up and what keywords they were using by just looking at their title tags and meta descriptions. I then created content, title tags, and meta descriptions that were even MORE Compelling.



2. Posted about my unique point of view on the topic, the SAME DAY the news broke.


The pages that were showing up were all news sources and they pretty much ALL said the same... so I said something different, and gave my personal POV, which the news stations didn't do. Google LOVES to see FRESH, non-repeated content so I gave them what I want, and I backed up my opinions with solid facts... another thing Google likes to see.



3.  Submitted the blog post URL for indexing


If you are going to utilize my Buzz Builder technique, make sure you go back to Google Search Console to submit your post for indexing ASAP! This is key to getting your website ranking for SEO FAST! 



3. I shared my post ASAP


After I published my post, I shared it to LinkedIn, Instagram, my Facebook page and a few Facebook groups that would legitimately love to have a discussion around this topic. I didn't share it with my email list, but you should do that too if you think they will be interested in the topic.


I got people back to my website in order to start a conversation around this topic. When search engines see traffic going to your website that flags it as something people actually want to see and they will rank your website higher!



4.  I commented on all the posts that ranked at the top of Google for my same topic


Most the time, the news websites that post allow you to comment on the topic. I responded to all of them that allowed me to, left a meaningful response, and then added the URL (not in the comments, but in the submission fields) back to the exact URL of my own blog post. This passes off some SEO juice to my page and also drives some traffic from that website to my page.


REMEMBER, the news outlets only told the facts, and I told a compelling point of view... so something different than what was already being stated but around the same topic so it continued the conversation!




The Results?



I got to the top of Google and got there fast for a few keywords that I knew people would search for... I even got to the NUMBER 1 SPOT for one search in about 10-15 minutes. Check it out!







Things to note before undertaking the Buzz Builder Technique!



1. This is a quick, short term SEO tactic


This Is not a long-term SEO strategy, this is a quick tactic to get to the top fast! If implemented correctly, you will get traffic to your website FAST... but like most buzz, it will more than likely fizzle out after a some time because this news will become old news.


HOWEVER, have an on-website strategy in place to draw these people in and get them hooked on you and your content so they come back long after the buzz fades away!



2. The buzz you are going after actually has to be BUZZ WORTHY! 


If nobody is searching for the topic then why waste your time? You pickin' up what I'm putting down? Don't just get to the #1 spot because you can. You want to get to the top for keywords that are actually going to get people to your website so you can get them to come back, sign up for your email list, purchase something, etc.



3. Make sure the buzz you are going after is in your zone of genius.


I'm an SEO specialist so it won't do any good for my business to go out there and try to capitalize on news that is in no way aligned with what I'm good at or what my business does. I will stick to topics in the digital marketing space, not the baking space (although I do love to bake). You need to make sure that you are seen as an expert in the field that you are giving a POV on.



4. You have to make FAST MOVES!


The first ones to start writing about this new topic, the more easily they are going to get to the top of Google so DON'T WAIT. If the opportunity arises for you drop it all and get yourself in blog post mode STAT! Your fast action will get you rewarded!